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I love 34th Students' Council, 18th House Committee, Dark chocolates, Pizza Hut, Green, Yellow, cycling and my animal clique. :D
I want to change the world.

(Thursday, June 16, 2011/1:56 PM)

my 580th post!

I'VE MOVED ;D /newblog'surl.blogspot.com

Stay tuned :)

(Saturday, December 04, 2010/2:04 AM)

Everything hinges on what that last text message said, and you're realizing that he's kind of falling out of love.
I was really scared & I went to read Taylor's webpage.

(Tuesday, November 30, 2010/10:28 PM)


What to say? A brilliant camp, with fun and meaning inside, not forget valuable lessons to be taken from it. Was very happy with the whole camp proceedings, though we didn't go to Mathilda's House, the Amazing race more amazingly made up for it, and all the high-ness and cheers along with it. Really made much leader-friends from this camp, especially my group Alibaba: Nicole Sharmane Shirlyn Min En Gerald etc etc...............................

I shall let pictures do the talking for now!

& Not to forget Congress!

Ahahhaha I can only say a foul mood ruins all. Sorry!

(Thursday, November 11, 2010/11:49 PM)

Life's been enchanted!
Like Swift's song "This night is flawless don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck"
I hope the young night will become old and it will still be dark!

Pictures speak better than words so I shall a few here!
Playlist's been constantly on this two singers (Y)

I like the second album art more!!!!! I can say that Archuleta's second album's worlds better than his first. So many nice songs like Fallen Stars (Y) Parachutes and Airplanes (Y) The Other Side of Down (Y) aaaaaaand my fav Good Place (Y) Nice nice nice. But too bad Archuleta's just very recently replaced by another better album,

Taylor (Y) (Y) Speak now is a really nice album too! But for this case her past album is alr as awesome so, yeah good job for keeping the songs up. I just like her songs Speak Now, Back to December, Mine, Dear John, Long Live, Enchanted..............I could go on and on and on but these are the few best best best. :D Can't wait for the lyrics booklet next Monday when Brenda lends me! I'm gna decipher the hidden msg yes yes I am gonna do that.
Facebook is lame, but commenting and seeing nice photos are okay. This game is lame too but I can't believe I'm addicted to it sometimes HAHAHAHA Too bad lur. Will prolly break away from it soon, like next week.
Letters? I think they rock. I've got many before, from guys to girls, from my sec sch friends to my college friends, from my council friends to my sch mates - but it's not everyday - in fact it's kinda the first time I want to read them again and again.

Get a grip, catch a better hold of your bearings - and go for it!
I wish all the OGL nominees g'luck & all TJCians please join HC Sports Carnival 24th Nov (Y) (Y)
Why did camps suck my weekends awaaaaaaaaaaay boo.

It'll be cool if I can learn magic.
Accio (mmmmmm)!

(Sunday, October 24, 2010/11:08 PM)

Hey world!
"Do you remember, we were sittin' there, by the water?
You put your arm around me for the fist time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine/"

Anticipate SC@FWConcert tmr, SLCongress, Grad Night, HC@Sports Carnival, Chalet, Orientation!!!!! :D ^^

(Saturday, September 11, 2010/1:21 AM)

Let's revive here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promos are frigging irritating and Organic Chem is swimming in my mind that's why I'm here. But holidays have gone alright so far &I miss all my friends back in school (!!!!!!) >:(
Let's enjoy two more days of holidays. Cuz it's going to be a blur when school starts again! Pwwwwwwwww is >:( But HC people are a bunch of crazily high and fun people (Y) (Y) (Y) I LIKE! :D &SC people are so caring and such.
Seniors are right, time passes fast, much too fast. Half a term's over, I got to make the best of what's left before my juniors come.
Idk why I have this sudden urge for blogs so yup. I love pictures too (Y) Bye seeyou soon (:

Iddo's birthday cum choc cake fight (:
Cousins @Mindcafe!
National Day parade (:
34th SC :D
Zomg I miss marching mansxzxz.
18th HC :D
Yet again, :D
Mum (!!!!!!!!!!!) I look so kiddy HAHA
Lowell so shuai uh (Y)
Yeaaaaaaaaaah roberto. Yanbert (Y)
RHD (Y) HAHAHAHA Couldn't have imagined wearing this.
Hotel stayover Pt. 2 @MBS (Y)
National Day! :D
Yeaaaaaaa it's roberto again!!!!!!! :D
Titans :D All the buff guys and girls./
Talk soon k Mx :)
Titans :D
Animal clique!
Chung cheng council ftw! Won't be here tdy without it.(Points at xuanjie's muscles)
Grand-grand senior (:

Bf :)

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